14 October

EDCTP activities in Gabon, from 14th to 18th October 2019

The EDCTP secretary visited Gabon from 14th to 18th November 2019 in framework activities of Workshop on grant proposal writing for African francophone and financial and Project Management Training to EDCPT grantees.

These activities were facilitated by CERMEL, which is the Gabonese General Assembly representative.
Two side activities were carried out :

  1. The first activity consisted of the visits of the EDCTP delegation to the Minister of High Education and Research as well as to the Minister of Health. The EDCTP delegation was conducted by the Director of International Cooperation Dr. Ole Olsen and was introduced to the respective Ministers, by the Director of CERMEL Prof. Ayola Akim Adegnika who is a Gabonese representative at the EDCTP General Assembly. Both Ministers were informed about EDCPT activities and the contribution of Gabon at the General Assembly as well as the EDCTP contribution to the health research in Gabon. Both ministers expressed their continuous commitment to support EDCTP activities in Gabon.
  2. The second activity was held at the University of Medicine and constituted to inform health research professionals in Gabon about EDCTP activities and the possibility of opportunities with CERMEL and other regional partners such as CANTAM.